Prof Mary Wingfield launches new book

Professor Mary Wingfield is delighted to announce the launch of her new book

The Fertility Handbook

Everything you need to know to maximise your chance of pregnancy


In The Fertility Handbook Professor Mary Wingfield, has created the most up-to-date and authoritative guide for maximizing your chance of conceiving.

For anyone planning to have a baby soon or already trying to conceive but without success so far, it provides an in-depth explanation of natural fertility and assisted conception, including:

  • How to maximise your chance of conceiving naturally, with chapters on lifestyle, nutrition and the role of stress
  • The common (and uncommon) causes of fertility problems and the recommended treatments
  • Demystifying complex treatments such as IVF
  • Up-to-date information around surrogacy and funding for fertility treatments
  • Options for single people and same-sex couples who want to have children

The Fertility Handbook presents a comprehensive, holistic approach to fertility and establishes the facts clearly – particularly for older couple who are trying to conceive.  Professor Wingfield has helped hundreds of people to conceive over the last 30 years and in this pragmatic, comprehensive and accessible book she offers hope for anyone who wants to maximize their chances of pregnancy.

All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Merrion Fertility Foundation, which provides financial assistance to couples who need fertility treatment but cannot afford it.  For more information on the Foundation click here 

Please click on the links below if you would like to purchase ‘The Fertility Handbook’. This is also available to purchase in all leading bookshops.

Photos from Prof. Mary Wingfield’s book launch in the Gutter Bookshop on the 9th June 2017 :









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