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Our Complete Pricelist

At Merrion Fertility Clinic, we are conscious of the high fertility treatment and IVF costs in Ireland.  As we are a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation, we try to keep our costs to a minimum but, unfortunately, fertility treatment is expensive and the clinic has to earn an excess of income over expenditure in order to invest in research, technologies and to fund our sister charity Merrion Fertility Foundation, which funds treatment cycles for patients who meet certain clinical and financial criteria.

Egg Freezing, IVF Cost, IUI Cost, Donor Sperm Cost and the full Merrion Fertility Treatment price list is below or download here in pdf format.

IVF and ICSI Costs

Pre-IVF/ICSI Nurse Consultation€160
IVF Cost (In-Vitro Fertilisation)€4,500
ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)€4,900
Blastocyst Culturing (additional culturing of embryo to day 5)€700
Embryo Cryopreservation€500
Annual Embryo Storage Charge€300

Please note that the fees on this price list do not include the cost of medication.

Fertility Checks

First Step Fertility Check€450

This includes the following full package:

  • Planning and co-ordination of Semen Analysis
  • Ultrasound scan
  • AMH blood test
  • Rubella blood test
  • Consultation at Merrion Fertility Clinic with one of our Fertility Doctors

You will be invoiced separately for all of these investigations and your consultation will be given at a reduced rate.

Please note: This package is only available to new patients and if you have not had previous fertility treatment. All of the above requested tests must be completed at Merrion Fertility Clinic prior to the doctor consultation. Any tests requested by the doctor outside of this package will incur additional costs and do not fall under the First Step Fertility Check criteria.

Consultations & other investigations

New Doctor Consultation & renewal€160
Return Consultation (within 1 year)
General Nurse Consultation€50
Review consultation following IVF/ICSI/FETNo Charge
Trans-vaginal Ultrasound Scan€110
Semen Analysis (including full preparation)€120
Repeat Semen Analysis & renewal (within 1 year)€100
Morphology testing€60
Culture and sensitivity€40
Retrograde testing€150
Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR)€1,200
Cyst Aspiration€150
Fetal Heart Scan€110
HVS Swab€20
Decapeptyl Injection€20
Replacement prescriptions€10

IUI Cost (Intrauterine Insemination) / OI Cost (Ovulation Induction)

Follicle tracking: This includes planning and co-ordination and all ultrasound scans required for the cycle.€300
OI: This includes planning, co-ordination and all ultrasound scans required for the cycle.

IUI: This includes planning and co-ordination, all ultrasound scans required for the cycle and IUI procedure.€800

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

This includes planning and co-ordination, ultrasound scans and embryo transfer.€1,450
FET post-freeze-all required due to OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation)€300

Egg Freezing Services (Oocyte Vitrification)

Pre OV Consultation€120
Egg Freezing (Occyte Vitrification)€2,700
Annual Storage for Eggs€300
Subsequent use of frozen eggs (oocytes) for treatment with ICSI €2,300
Blastocyst Culturing (additional culturing of embryo to day 5)€700

Egg Freezing (OV) includes:

  • Planning and co-ordination of treatment cycle scanning
  • A consultation with Merrion Fertility Clinic Counsellor
  • IV sedation administered by a Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Egg collection
  • Review consultation if required

*A non-refundable booking deposit of €500 will apply
*Balance to be paid on the day of baseline scan.
Please note that fees do not include the cost of medication.

Cryopreservation Services

Semen Cryopreservation€300
Additional Semen Cryopreservation€150
Embryo Freezing€500
Annual charge for storage of Sperm, Eggs or Embryos€300

Donor Sperm Services

Pre IUI Nurse Consultation€120
Pre IVF/ICSI Nurse Consultation€160
Counselling session€80
Donor Sperm Management Fee€300
Donor Sperm Bank FeesVariable
Donor Sperm Annual Storage Fee€300

*Please note: As per your Donor Sperm Information and consent, treatment may be cancelled due to a Donor Block. In the event that this may occur your options will be discussed at a consultation with a Doctor of MFC.

Satellite Monitoring for overseas PGD cycles

Ultrasound scan for IVF/ICSI PGD cycle (per scan)€120
Ultrasound scan for IVF/ICSI PGD cycle (per scan)€150
Including oestradiol blood test

Satellite Monitoring for overseas donor egg cycles

Satellite Donor Egg cycle€800
This includes a Doctor consultation to sign treatment consent, counselling service, ultrasound scans, Oestradiol and hCG blood test within the donor egg cycle
Subsequent Donor Egg Service€600

Additional services at Merrion Fertility Clinic

Sinead Curran (Dietitian)

First appointment (1 Hour)€100
Follow-up appointment (30/40 minutes)€50

Kay Duff (Counsellor)

Counsellor session€80

Payment Details

Merrion Fertility Clinic Payments

A deposit of €500 is required to secure treatment cycles, with the balance falling due on the day of the baseline scan.

Payment can be made by:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Cheque
  • Bank draft

Med 1 Forms for claiming tax relief on Medical Expenses may be downloaded on

This fee schedule is effective from April 2020 and supersedes all previous fee schedules.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

48 hours notice of appointment cancellation must be given or a non-attendance fee of €75 will be charged.

Merrion Fertility Clinic Bank Transfer Details

Bank Name:Bank of Ireland
Address:Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2
Sort code:90 14 90
Account number:41267756
IBAN:IE55 BOFI 9014 9041 2677 56
Payment reference:Patient name or PID number