Fertility Treatments & Services FAQs

FAQs On Financial Aspects of Treatments and Services

The fee of €700 for Blastocyst Culturing (additional culturing of embryo to Day 5) covers an additional two days culturing, which is recommended in about 75% of treatments.

The fee of €500 for embryo cryopreservation will cover the freezing of all additional embryos.

The fee of €300 for embryo storage covers the cost of the first year’s storage and is invoiced annually after that. The storage fee also covers costs for all your embryos in storage.

Yes. If these services were not performed, we will credit the amount paid back on to your account. This credit can remain on your account to be used for future treatment or refunded. Accounts will message you to advise of this credit on your account and request your IBAN and BIC. Refunds are processed every Thursday.

We do not take any payment for bloods at Merrion Fertility Clinic. You will be invoiced directly by MDLS (Merrion Diagnostics Laboratory Services), and payment for these invoices can be made online at www.MDLS.ie or by calling (01) 6765600 and paying by credit/debit card.

Unfortunately, approximately 10-15% of treatment cycles are cancelled for reasons that are in your best interest. Cancellation means that the current treatment cycle has been stopped, or a revised treatment protocol has been prescribed by the clinician. A cancellation fee policy applies, and this fee is dependent on what stage of your treatment cycle you are at, i.e., following a scan, prior to egg collection or prior to embryo transfer. Full details are on your fee agreement, which will be sent to you before your treatment cycle starts.

Once we have your VHI policy number on file, we will apply the relevant VHI fertility benefit to your invoices upfront. We will ask that you sign a VHI claim form when checking in at reception, so that we can submit this claim on your behalf. Please note if you have further queries regarding your fertility benefits, you will need to contact VHI directly.

Yes you can, but you will need to pay Merrion Fertility Clinic in full for all services performed in the clinic. We will provide you with the required itemised receipts and invoices that your insurance provider has requested when claiming back with them.

A GP referral is not required. We just ask that you complete our Online Self-Referral Form. Once this is reviewed by our patient services manager, one of our patient coordinators will be in touch with you to book your doctor’s consult and any tests required prior. You will also be sent a deposit invoice for this consultation, which will need to be settled within a week of receiving your invoice to secure your consult date.

Once your doctor’s consultation date is booked, you will be required to pay a deposit to secure this appointment. The consultation deposit is €100, and an email will be sent to you with a link to make this payment. After paying your deposit, the balance for your consultation invoice will be due 2 days prior to your appointment.

The cost of your initial/renewal consultation with one of our fertility doctors is €200.

Once your dates are booked in the diary by our nursing team, you will be sent a deposit invoice for €500. This is to secure your treatment dates and is required to be paid before the date of your IVF/ICSI/OV nurses’ consultation. The remaining balance of your treatment fees will be due the day of your first scan of the treatment cycle (baseline scan). An invoice reminder will be sent to you the day before this.

The Merrion Fertility Foundation (MFF) was set up in our clinic to provide financial aid for those unable to afford fertility treatment. There is a strict criterion for funding approval and all applicants are means tested. If you have any queries on this or are looking for further information you can email foundation@merrionfertility.ie

You can request an application form from your doctor during your initial consultation. Once you have completed this application form, it will be reviewed by our COO and Clinical Fellows. If your financial and clinical criteria have been approved, your application will be discussed with our charity trustees at the committee meeting, which is held every three months.

If your application is successful you will receive a letter confirming this, and the relevant discount will be applied to your upcoming treatment.

You will pay your pharmacy directly for all drugs needed during your treatment. It is important that you sign up for the Drugs Payment Scheme, as the cost for these drugs will be significantly higher if you don’t apply. There is an €80 cap every month for the cost of your drugs after applying for this.

You will find copies of these in the documents section of your patient portal. If you have any issues finding these, please send a portal message to the patient accounts team.