Merrion Fertility Clinic was established in 1998 by Prof Mary Wingfield and other fellow Doctors at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin.
Since then the clinic has gained a reputation as a leading IVF clinic in Ireland, providing treatment cycles for hundreds of couples every year and achieving pregnancy rates above the internationally recognised norms.


Merrion Fertility Clinic is unique in that our close links with the National Maternity Hospital ensure that our patients have the full support services of a respected maternity hospital. Merrion Fertility Clinic Doctors are also staff of the hospital and can provide surgery and pregnancy care if required.


As a non-profit making charitable organization, any profits are reinvested back into improving clinic services and facilities.


Your partner in fertility… Every step of the way.



Professor Mary Wingfield (Clinical Director) and Carol McGee (General Manager) explain MFC’s relationship with the National Maternity Hospital and it’s not for profit status

IVF Add-Ons

IVF Add-Ons: Do à La Carte Menus Serve Infertility Patients?

“Add-on” treatments and medications in IVF are highly controversial in the infertility field. At Merrion Fertility Clinic, we believe that strong evidence from clinical trials is needed before add-on treatments should be offered as part of the IVF cycle. These experimental techniques are expensive and poorly regulated, meaning that they can be introduced into routine … Read more
IVF Journey

IVF Journey : A mother’s open letter to her baby after five year IVF journey

A former MFC patient and her husband embarked on a five year IVF journey which resulted in the birth of their precious son in January last year. As a message to the one in six Irish couples who have infertility issues Ruth has written this beautiful letter to her son.   Read more
Egg Freezing

Goldman Sachs Egg Freezing Offer – Prof. Wingfield comments

Please click on the audio link below to listen to Professor Mary Wingfield’s interesting discussion on egg freezing on yesterday’s RTE’s Drivetime programme: Read more
IVF Funding

Public Fertility Fund still not finalised

Professor Mary Wingfield speaks about how the public fertility fund has still not been finalised.  The Government approved the IVF financial aid plans in October 2017 and a specific €1m fund was then announced by the Taoiseach last December.   MFC continue to advocate for public funding of IVF for all Irish patients. To read the full … Read more