Merrion Fertility Clinic was established in 1998 by Prof Mary Wingfield and other fellow Doctors at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin.
Since then the clinic has gained a reputation as a leading IVF clinic in Ireland, providing treatment cycles for hundreds of couples every year and achieving pregnancy rates above the internationally recognised norms.


Merrion Fertility Clinic is unique in that our close links with the National Maternity Hospital ensure that our patients have the full support services of a respected maternity hospital. Merrion Fertility Clinic Doctors are also staff of the hospital and can provide surgery and pregnancy care if required.


As a non-profit making charitable organization, any profits are reinvested back into improving clinic services and facilities.


Your partner in fertility… Every step of the way.



Professor Mary Wingfield, Clinical Director, explains MFC’s relationship with the National Maternity Hospital and its Not-for-Profit status.

Current Covid19 Precautions

Merrion Fertility Clinic Covid19 Precautions Overview as at 31st July, 2020 In this article, we will outline the many measures Merrion Fertility Clinic has put in place for the safety of our patients, employees and members of the general public. We would like to acknowledge the distress that has been caused to so many fertility patients during … Read more

MFC Presence at the ESHRE Annual Meeting

Merrion Fertility Clinic was very well represented at this year’s ESHRE ( European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting, the largest of its kind in Europe, is traditionally attended by 12,000 international delegates with cutting edge science and research presented across the 3 day conference. Read more

The Basics of Conception

In this excerpt from her book, MFC Clinical Director, Prof Mary Wingfield, explains the basic biology behind conception and how this culminates in the miracle of new life: “The way a human pregnancy and child can develop following a single act of sex between a man and a woman is indeed a miracle of nature and … Read more

Optimise Male Fertility

This week is Men’s Health Awareness week. To help raise awareness, Merrion Fertility Clinic have put together this short guide on the most important lifestyle changes you can make to optimise male fertility: Stop smoking: It is well established that smoking affects fertility in both women and men. Cigarette smoking is associated with reduced sperm counts, … Read more