Non-treatment Pregnancies

Dr Yvonne O’Brien and Dr Mary Wingfield presented their findings of a study that was carried out in Merrion Fertility Clinic at the Irish Fertility Society meeting in Clane on the 13th May 2016. They reported how 117 couples who attended the clinic for investigations of sub-fertility in 2015 had spontaneously conceived. They highlighted the fact that many couples do not need treatment and that it is important for clinics to have a holistic approach to couples with difficulty conceiving. History, examination and appropriate investigations are essential in the management of couples with sub-fertility.

At Merrion Fertility Clinic, we strive to create and offer a balanced, holistic approach to the investigation and treatment of sub-fertility. We individualise people’s care, offering couples the most suitable options for them. We acknowledge that for some couples IVF is the most suitable treatment option. But we also are very aware that not everyone needs or wants IVF and we are in a position to offer other options which can be as successful as IVF for many of our patients including ovulation induction, surgical interventions and complimentary therapies including acupuncture and psycho-sexual counselling if appropriate.

Non-treatment Pregnancies

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