It is obviously of great concern to patients and Merrion Fertility Clinic that a mismatch of sperm / eggs / embryos does not occur. MFC has strict protocols in place to double check the identification of samples and the patients to whom they relate at all steps of the clinical and laboratory processes.

Every step along the IUI / IVF / ICSI / FET process is double witnessed, i.e. 2 members of staff will confirm patient’s details.

The starting point at which couples’ eggs and sperm enter the lab is the egg collection and semen sample production. At these points a member of staff will perform an ID check with the patient where they will verify their names and dates of birth. The end point is the Embryo Transfer or IUI insemination. Again, 2 staff members will perform an ID check and verify their details against lab records and the pre-labelled containers with the sperm or embryos.

Every step in between these processes is double witnessed, documented and is fully traceable. Any time eggs, sperm or embryos are moved from one labelled container to another, this will be witnessed by 2 staff members.

Each patient has their own designated location / shelf in an incubator and an embryologist can only process one couples embryos at a time and in a specific workstation.