Embryoscope is an incubator which incorporates a microscope, camera and a computer.

This combination of technology allows time-lapse imaging of embryos at very frequent intervals (every 15 to 20 minutes), allowing many more observations of your embryos than traditional incubators where embryo development is observed only one or two times a day. Another advantage is that there is minimal handling of the embryos during the culture period as they remain undisturbed while the computer records the images.

Embryoscope is of more benefit to some IVF / ICSI cases compared to others. The major benefit is in enabling selection of the best embryo to transfer as more information is obtained about the embryos. This can be important for a couple where there are multiple embryos to choose from, but in the case of couples who have only one or two embryos which are suitable to transfer, we do not have to choose between a group of embryos and the Embryoscope will not aid in their selection.