We have a satellite service to support appropriate patients requiring donor egg treatments.

Numerous clinics abroad offer donor-egg treatments. Differences exist between jurisdictions in the provision of donor-egg services. For example, in the UK egg and sperm donors are not anonymous and any off-spring aged 18 years has the right to know the identity of the donor. Other countries like Spain and the Czech Republic observe donor anonymity. As donor-egg treatments are a relatively new development in assisted reproduction, the long-term outcomes are not yet established. However, the data on donor-conceptions are largely reassuring. We have therefore established links with two groups in Europe and are happy to recommend the IVI Barcelona, Instituto Bernabeu, IVF Cube- Prague.

Our satellite service includes pre-pregnancy medical advice, counselling, psychological support, arrangement of pre-requisite tests and prescriptions, provision of necessary ultrasound scans, tests during your treatment, and correspondence with your chosen clinic abroad in relation to your results.