Our male fertility test includes semen analysis and hormone blood tests, see below for further information.

Assessment of Male Fertility Test

The most useful male fertility test is semen analysis, or sperm test. A semen analysis measures the amount of semen a man produces and determines the number and quality of sperm in a semen sample.

A male fertility test undertaken during a semen analysis include:

  • Volume: a measure of how much semen is present in one ejaculation.
  • Sperm count: a count of the number of sperm present per millilitre of semen in one ejaculation.
  • Sperm morphology: a measure of the percentage of sperm that have a normal shape.
  • Sperm motility: a measure of the percentage of sperm that can move forward normally.
  • We also check for antisperm antibodies and prepare your sperm to see which type of fertility treatment would be best if you are found to need treatment.

What does the first step look like? Let’s discuss that here.

sperm analysis - male fertility test

Please see click here for further information and for our Semen Analysis Request Form. 

Hormone Bloods

In some cases, if significant abnormalities are found in the semen analysis it may be necessary to further evaluate the male partner with the following tests:

  • FSH, LH & Prolactin
  • Testosterone

Genetic Testing

In men with very low sperm counts or no sperm in their semen, genetic testing may be required. This may include:

  • A general screen or karyotype
  • Screening for  the Cystic Fibrosis Gene
  • Screening for Y chromosome deletions

Please note: Your Merrion Fertility Clinic Doctor may refer you to a Urologist for further assessment if required.