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  • Patient Stories

    Patient Stories

    Hear the stories of patients who have visited Merrion Fertility Clinic.

  • Success Rates

    Success Rates

    Outcomes can be measured ‘per cycle started’, ‘per egg collected’ and ‘per embryos transferred’. Merrion …

  • Virtual Tour

    Virtual Tour

    Take a virtual tour through Merrion Fertility Clinic.

  • Female Fertility

    Female Fertility

    Merrion Fertility Clinic performs a range of tests to assess female fertility. These include hormone …

  • Male Fertility

    Male Fertility

    Our male fertility assessment includes semen analysis and hormone blood tests.

  • The Fertility Handbook

    The Fertility Handbook

    Professor Mary Wingfield is one of Ireland’s foremost fertility experts, having helped hundreds of people …

  • Helping Your Fertility

    Helping Your Fertility

    Having trouble getting pregnant? You are not alone. 1 in 6 Irish couples of reproductive age …

  • Getting in Shape

    Getting in Shape

    Merrion Fertility Clinic, attached to the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street is a leading …

  • Patient Journey

    Patient Journey

    The journey through fertility investigation and treatment can be difficult. At Merrion Fertility Clinic, we …