Helping Your Fertility

Having trouble getting pregnant? You are not alone.

1 in 6 Irish couples of reproductive age experience difficulties conceiving a child. 84% of couples will conceive within a year of having regular unprotected intercourse. Of those who do not conceive in the first year, about half will do so in the second year. If you and your partner have been trying to become pregnant for 12 months without success, it is time to take positive action.

If you have an obvious problem, it is recommended that you seek help sooner, for example:

  • No periods or a history of gynaecological problems
  • History of undescended testicles or trauma to the testicles
  • Sexually transmitted infections

Fertility, particularly female fertility, declines with age. Success declines markedly for women after the age of 40, with the decline beginning in the early thirties. An older mother may also be at higher risk of developing problems for both herself and the baby during pregnancy – in particular, the chance of miscarriage increases. Men’s fertility begins to decline from the age of 50.

Common causes of male and female fertility problems are discussed in our male and female information leaflets. However, all factors need to be taken into account when assessing any couple and so it is important for both partners to be looked at and for both to attend their doctor together.

When considering getting pregnant, it is important to avoid travel to areas where the Zika virus is active. For more information, click here.

Support & Counselling

The Merrion Fertility Clinic team aim to support you through your treatment time with us. The unit also offers a confidential counselling service that can be accessed before, during and after treatment. The service can help and provide support to individuals and couples in managing stress and exploring personal issues with regards to their fertility.

Support groups that may be helpful:

Merrion Fertility Clinic –
National Infertility Support & Information Group (N.I.S.I.G)
The Endometriosis Society of Ireland
The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority

For advice on how to help optimise your fertility please see the attached information leaflets.

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