It is the policy of Merrion Fertility Clinic, in so far as is reasonably practicable, to provide a safe and healthy environment for all patients, employees, contractors and visitors who may visit the premises.  This will be facilitated through the provision and maintenance of a safe place of work, safe plant machinery and equipment, and safe systems of work.

General Health and Safety Guidelines at MFC

The following general rules are intended to focus attention on basic safety requirements:

  1. Fire prevention and safety equipment must not be damaged or interfered with and must always be accessible. Emergency exits must be kept clear and free of obstruction.
  2. Do not place obstructions on stairs or in passageways.
  3. Goods must be stored in designated storage areas.
  4. Do not run while on clinic grounds. Please use handrails provided and obey all safety signs and information provided.
  5. Rubbish must not be allowed to accumulate in premises and storage areas.
  6. Combustible rubbish should be stored in non-combustible bins and as far as possible be emptied daily.
  7. Cables of telephones, portable electrical appliances etc. must be placed where they do not cause people to trip and/or fall.
  8. Where standard operating procedures or clinic rules require personal protective equipment, it must be worn.
  9. All injuries, dangerous occurrences, near misses, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, unsafe equipment, and unsafe procedures must be reported to the Department Manager and/or General Manager.
  10. Everyone has the responsibility to maintain their work area and that will include housekeeping as part of their job.
  11. All employees are required to familiarise themselves with the clinic’s emergency evacuation plan (QS1.6) and are required to attend annual fire training.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in or around the outside of the clinic.
  13. Needles are to be disposed of in appropriate manner at time of use.
  14. The ‘Dignity at Work’ policy must be strictly adhered to by all employees.
  15. Only authorised employees may enter restricted areas such as roof tops, theatre, laboratory.
  16. All staff must adhere to all clinic safety, health and welfare policies, procedures, and risk assessments relevant to their work area.
  17. All spillages must be cleaned up immediately and/or the area restricted until the hazard has been removed.
  18. Safety signs and notices must not be interfered with and must be obeyed.


  1. Visitors are obliged to sign in and out at reception (Visitor’s book).
  2. Visitors are obliged to observe the Clinic Safety Rules
  3. Visitors are obliged to follow any instructions given by Clinic Staff.
  4. Visitors should not enter “Restricted” Areas without permission.
  5. Business essential visitors are required to complete a COVID-19 triage questionnaire (QF1.82) in advance of arrival to MFC.


Contractors Health and Safety Guidelines:

Failure to comply with these requests may terminate contractual agreements with MFC.

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