Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm

How Does This Programme Work?

Merrion Fertility Clinic offers a Donor Sperm Programme for those patients requiring donor sperm to achieve a pregnancy.

Merrion Fertility Clinic imports frozen donor sperm from internationally reputable sperm banks: Cryos Denmark and European Sperm Bank.

Treatment using donor sperm can be considered by single women, women in a same-sex relationship, or if a male partner does not produce sperm or is a carrier of a heritable genetic condition.

Donor sperm can be used for IUI, IVF or ICSI treatments.

As recommended by your fertility doctor at Merrion Fertility Clinic, the most appropriate treatment type will be selected for your individual situation.

As there are no sperm donation facilities in Ireland, Merrion Fertility Clinic imports frozen donor sperm from two internationally recognised sperm banks; Cryos Denmark and European Sperm Bank. Most sperm donors are based in Denmark, where the sperm banks are located. 

Sperm donors are aged between 18-40 years. Potential donors are screened comprehensively before they are accepted. This screening covers infectious disease (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea) and a wide variety of genetic conditions (Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington’s Disease, Tay Sachs). Strict quality standards must also be met in relation to their semen analysis before they are accepted as sperm donors.

Yes, you can select your preferred donor from either Cryos Denmark or European Sperm Bank. Elements to be considered when selecting an eligible donor will include your cytomegalovirus status (CMV), the number of families the donor has in Ireland and the quality of straws available for the donor.

Some preferred donors may not be eligible to purchase based on these elements.

Merrion Fertility Clinic laboratory staff will assist you in the selection process and confirm donor eligibility.

The Children, Family and Relationships Act (CFRA) 2015 was commenced in Ireland in May 2020. As a result, all imported donors (sperm or eggs) must be from a non-anonymous donor.

Non-anonymous donors have agreed to open contact with a donor-conceived child, once that child reaches 18 years.

Personal information about the donor will not be available to the intending parent(s),  only to the donor-conceived person should they wish to contact the donor.

The non-anonymous donor does not receive any identifying information about the donor-conceived child or parent(s) but they can find out if a child has been born in Ireland as a result of their donation and the sex of that child. The donor does not have any parental rights to the child born following treatment using donor sperm.

Non-anonymous donor information available to patients will include: physical characteristics (hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity, height, weight), blood type, cytomegalovirus status, educational / professional status, interests / hobbies, viral and genetic screening results.

Some donor profiles may have additional information available to patients, such as: psychological report, interview with the sperm bank, staff impressions.

Yes. If the same donor is available to be purchased, additional straws can be purchased or reserved from the sperm bank for future siblings.

Donor sperm used in fertility treatments prior to May 2020 (implementation of CFRA 2015) may have restrictions in purchasing additional straws. Merrion Fertility Clinic staff can assist you in this scenario.


Overview of the process

You (and your partner where relevant) will attend an initial doctor’s appointment here in Merrion Fertility Clinic. Your history will be taken and your options discussed. Certain tests/investigations may be arranged, which will enable your doctor to decide which treatment type you should have (i.e. IUI vs. IVF/ICSI).

Many patients will require more than one appointment with our medical or nursing teams. All patients will be required to have an appointment with a counsellor to explore the implications of having a baby using donor sperm.

If you are happy to proceed, you will be given information on how to choose a donor. There are many factors to consider. You will be given details on how to search for suitable donors using the websites of our approved banks. The lab staff will also discuss your choice with you before proceeding with purchasing and importing the sperm on your behalf. Once the sperm arrives, it will be kept in storage in Merrion Fertility Clinic until you are ready to use it.

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