We are delighted to announce our new Donor Sperm service.

Getting pregnant using donor sperm is a form of assisted reproduction, where the sperm used for the treatment has been donated by someone not in a relationship with the woman who wishes to conceive. Treatment using donor sperm is an option used by patients in a number of scenarios:

  •  If you are a single woman
  • If you are in a same sex relationship (lesbian)
  • If using your partner’s sperm would be extremely unlikely to be successful / if your partner does not produce sperm / if your partner has a genetic condition which could be transmitted to offspring

Donor sperm is imported by Merrion Fertility Clinic from international sperm banks. (There are no sperm banks in Ireland). The sperm is chosen by you (with our help) and stored here until it is ready for use during your treatment. Treatment involves IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF.

Using donor sperm is a major decision and you should take your time. For further information please see our Donor Sperm Information or click on the following link to make an appointment at Merrion Fertility Clinic.