To all at MFC,

We can not thank you enough for the gift of our two wonderful little girls.

Not only just that but thank you all for just being so lovely to us when things were at their worst, it really makes such a difference when you’re feeling fragile.

From reception to nurses, doctors, and laboratory staff you all do such a great job and really look after your patients.

Thank you so so much.

To Dr Wingfield & all the staff

To Dr Wingfield and all the staff of MFC,
I was a patient of yours back in 2013. I often drive past the clinic and I am reminded of how kind and considerate all of the staff were. I really appreciated how well I was treated by all of you. Wishing you all the very best.

Warmest Regards,

To you all at the clinic, a short email of thanks.

…. and I are still on our journey with you, as you know and we visited you again last Thursday.

We wanted to take this opportunity, regardless of the future outcome, to thank each and every one of you for all your friendliness, kindness and support.

Purposely mentioning no names in this mail, as you have each made our journey easier in your own way … From the security guard always cheery and in good form, to the superb lady on reception, to the kind ladies we meet to make appointment dates and follow up, to all the wonderful doctors and caring nurses, we appreciate all your care and consideration to us.

See you soon

To all the lovely team at Merrion Fertility Clinic.

Thank you all so much for the care you gave us on our journey here.  It was really hard for us at times but without you all, we would never have kept going. You are an amazing team.  We have finally reached the end of our journey and we are delighted to be expecting our baby in 2014.

I just want to say that we never thought it would happen for us but it did, after a few bumps on the road.  So don’t give up.

To all the team at MFC, but especially Caroline, Amanda, Aisling, Roisin , Dr. Helen and Dr. Mary

Thank you so much for making our dream come true, by giving us the best Christmas present we could have asked for, a positive pregnancy test!

You should never underestimate the amazing work you do and we are forever indebted to all of you.  The compassion, support and concern you have shown to us over our first two failed cycles made our difficult journey that little bit easier.

If anyone happens to be reading this card at reception, and may be starting to lose hope please stick with it. We were in exactly the same boat. We are now hoping and praying that we will get to hold our baby in our arms in six months time.

Thank you all again.

To all the staff at Merrion Fertility Clinic

Just a quick note to let you know that our daughter *** was born on ***** a bouncing 6lb 12oz.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true.

Dr Spillane – Thank you for your efficiency in diagnosing our problem and finding a way forward for us.  Thirteen months from our first meeting we have a baby.

Roisin, Caroline, Amanda – We would never have got through the treatment without your encouragement and guidance. Your ‘can do’ attitude was contagious and I really enjoyed all of my visits to the clinic when you were working.  Thanks for being on the journey with us from beginning to end.

Eileen – Thanks for coming in on a Sunday and being a reassuring presence at my side on the big days – egg collection and embryo transfer.

Dr. Wingfield – Thank you for successful egg collection and implantation of our embryo.

Jenny the Embryologist – Thank you for creating our little girl.

Please find enclosed a photo of our little miracle. I used to look at all the babies in your gallery en-route to the treatment room. Now we are delighted to be able to add to your collection.

Hope to see you again next year.

To all the staff at the Merrion Fertility Clinic.

We just wanted to say thank you for all your support over the past three years. Our bundle of joy finally arrived on the *** August.

**** is so beautiful and is absolutely thriving and we have never been happier.  We keep pinching ourselves.  Whilst we had to wait for him we feel incredibly lucky that he is now part of our lives.

All of you have been fantastic, so supportive and professional always treating us with respect, dignity and when needed sensitivity.

We look forward to your help on number 2 in 2009 !!!