Subfertility, and especially IVF treatment, is stressful for all couples.

The desire to have a child is natural and, when month after month conception does not occur, feelings of anger, shame, guilt, powerlessness and despair may develop.

Relationships with the partner, family members and friends may become strained leading to a breakdown in communication and feelings of isolation. There are many difficult decisions that must be made and the success rates of treatment may be disappointing.

For these and other reasons we strongly recommend that all couples consider at least one visit to our counsellor. Many couples feel that they do not require counselling before they commence their first cycle of IVF.

However, quite often couples are not prepared for the intensity of the whole process and many request counselling before starting a second cycle. Often, being able to talk to someone, such as a counsellor, makes the process easier.

Kay Duff, ourĀ  highly experienced relationship and fertility counsellor can be contacted through the clinic or confidentially on +353 (1) 8319625. For more information on Kay click here.