Quality Dr Wingfield

Merrion Fertility Clinic places quality at the centre of its mission and strategic objectives.

The Clinic has in place a comprehensive quality management system which facilitates safe, efficient and effective working practices and patient focused services.

The main objectives of our quality systems are:

  • The delivery of rational and efficient treatment for our patients from first contact through all stages of treatment to outcome management.
  • The continuous evaluation of the risks in all aspects of workflow and health & safety, as well as in the documentation and prevention of any errors in patient management.

The Clinic is authorised to operate as a Tissue Establishment, regulated by the Health Products Regulatory Authority and is also certified to the internationally recognised quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Clinic is compliant with the following laws and directives. We also use the guidelines / recommendations listed below as forms of reference:


Laws Directives National International
SI 158 of 2006 EU Dir. 2004/23/EC Irish Medical Council NICE
SI 598 of 2007 Commission Directive 2006/17/EC Health Products Regulatory Authority HFEA
Commission Directive 2006/86/EC Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Changes made to any of the above legislation or regulations are reviewed by the Quality Management Review process. All members of staff are made aware of legislative changes in reproductive medicine, relevant health and safety issues, data security and confidentiality.