When a woman is ovulating normally, an egg is released from one or other ovary during each menstrual cycle. Eggs develop inside fluid filled sacs, called follicles.

Follicle Tracking, OI, SO & IUI

These follicles reach a size of approximately 20mm prior to ovulation and can thus be seen with ultrasound scanning.Ultrasound can therefore be used to monitor and time ovulation. As practised in most fertility centres, MFC uses vaginal ultrasound scanning to monitor the growth of follicles. Most women find vaginal scanning quite comfortable.

Follicle tracking and TSI (timed sexual intercourse) are reliant upon the following; the ovaries producing their own follicles, the sperm being normal, the fallopian tubes and pelvis also being normal. We are monitoring the cycle to judge the best time for intercourse.

Tracking may be useful for women whose cycles are very irregular and unpredictable. However, it is not suitable for most infertility pathologies.