Referral letters to Merrion Fertility Clinic are generally received from a GP or Consultant.   While we also accept self- referral requests from patients, by phone or e-mail, a letter from your GP or Consultant is preferred as this will include your medical history.

Upon receipt of your referral letter, we will forward you a registration pack, including details about your upcoming appointment and information on any pre-requisite tests or investigations that you and/or your partner may require prior to your appointment.
Generally couples should consider being referred to a fertility clinic if they have failed to conceive following regular unprotected intercourse for 12 months or more.

If you have a known medical condition which could affect your fertility eg endometriosis, very infrequent periods, pelvic infection or testicular problems, earlier referral is appropriate.

If you have any other queries in relation to being referred to MFC please do not hesitate to contact our appointments secretary Jennifer Locke at 01 6635000

Waiting times

At Merrion Fertility Clinic we understand that your time is precious, and having taken the courageous step to seek help, you will want to begin this next step of your journey with us as soon as possible.

Current waiting times are as follows:

  • 2-4  weeks (depending on the pre-requisite investigations)

Please note that cancellation appointments do become available at short notice