At Merrion Fertility, we recognise that this is a particularly difficult time for those contemplating pregnancy and those with fertility issues. As we have said in previous messages, fertility clinics in Ireland and worldwide have been advised to temporarily cease all elective fertility treatments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Merrion Fertility Clinic is adhering to this advice. In addition, it is probably wise for people to consider postponing getting pregnant at the moment, until more information becomes available about whether the virus affects pregnancy. Dr. Wingfield has written an article regarding this, which can be accessed here.

During this time of postponement of pregnancy and fertility treatments, we at Merrion Fertility Clinic will help those eager to conceive to do whatever they can at present to optimise their chances of pregnancy in the future.

Our clinic is currently fully staffed (though most of us are working remotely) and we are continuing patient consultations via telephone or video link. Members of all our departments are available to answer queries or discuss your situation. Please contact us at (01) 663 5000 or  if you would like to make an appointment or if you would like to talk to a member of our team. Although our staff are working remotely, they are following strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines in line with GDPR.

Our counselling and patient support will also continue with our monthly support group taking place by phone.  Details will be sent out by email a few days prior to the support group.  Kay Duff, our highly experienced relationship and fertility counsellor can be contacted through the clinic or confidentially on +353 (1) 8319625 or  at


We also recommend that you use this time to optimise your nutrition, your fitness levels, your weight and your general health. Professor Wingfield’s book, The Fertility Handbook, is an excellent resource with contributions from our counsellors and our dietician. It can be purchased via Merrion Fertility Clinic or on Amazon. All royalties go to Merrion Fertility Foundation.

We will continue to update our website, and keep you informed of all developments as we learn more.

From all of us at Merrion Fertility, stay safe and well.