Guaranteed Irish

Trust, Loyalty & Responsibility

The Only Guaranteed Irish Fertility Clinic

Guaranteed Irish is the original symbol of provenance in business in Ireland.  Members span all sectors, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, construction, energy, professional services, tourism, food and drink, art and design, retail & more.

The Guaranteed Irish symbol is awarded to companies operating in Ireland who provide quality jobs, support local communities and who are committed to the development of Ireland as a centre of excellence.

At Merrion Fertility Clinic, we are very proud to be part of the Guaranteed Irish family, and see membership as an important part of the clinic’s future. 

The clinic was incorporated as a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’, which means it has no share capital and, therefore, no shareholders. This enables the clinic management and board of directors to focus on the provision of a quality and ethical service for our patients. 

Guaranteed Irish for us is synonymous with trust, which is a major part of the clinic’s value system.

Working with Guaranteed Irish helps us to convey a sense of trust, loyalty and responsibility to new and existing patients, by letting them know that we have the highest commitment to providing them with excellent medical care and patient services, that we create and sustain jobs in the local community and that we are committed to helping aid the growth of other Irish companies.