Investigations & Treatments

Merrion Fertility Clinic offers a complete and comprehensive range of fertility investigations & treatments for couples including surgical treatments and interventions.

Following consultation and discussion with the couple pertinent investigations and treatment are individualised to match each couple’s needs.  A personalised fertility treatment pathway is set in train for each couple and they can move from the simplest to the most technically advanced treatment as required.

All couples coming to MFC for assessment, and possible treatment, will complete a number of baseline fertility tests.  Many of these tests can be arranged for you in advance, so that results are available for discussion with you at your visit. Further tests and investigations required will be arranged as required.

Initial baseline assessment includes a number of fertility hormone blood tests and ultrasound for the female and semen analysis for the male. These are essential initial required tests for all couples. Other essentials for pregnancy planning include an up to date normal Cervical Smear and confirmation of Rubella Immunity. Further tests & investigations will be arranged as required.

Female Investigations

There are many possible reasons why a female may experience difficulty in conceiving naturally. Your fertility doctor will use a variety of tests and resources to accurately diagnose any potential problems and develop with you an agreed pathway towards achieving your pregnancy goals.

Initial Baseline Testing

Blood tests:

  • Day 3 – FSH, LH, Prolactin
  • Progesterone (7 days before your next anticipated period)
  • Thyroid Tests: Thyroid hormones (TSH,T4) & Antibodies (anti-TPO)
  • AMH: Anti-Mullerian Hormone (assessment of Ovarian Reserve)
  • Rubella


Scan of pelvis – preferably in Merrion Fertility Clinic