Chinese medicine practitionerThere is now a substantial and constantly growing body of evidence to show how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine helps couples undergo Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures.

This helps to confirm what each specialist practitioner knows in daily practice. Chinese medicine (CM) has been shown to be effective by helping increase a woman’s response to the procedures of ART and thus is known to increase its success rates. It also helps in early pregnancy. However, since CM is what is called a holistic therapy, it does not separate the physical, mental and emotional and so it also relaxes, calms and supports body, mind and spirit through the entire process of ART for both partners.

For those practitioners specialising in using CM to assist couples undergoing ART, it is best practice to use their knowledge of WM to increase the effectiveness of their work. Since we know from WM that it actually takes 3 months to prepare the female egg for each monthly cycle and to mature sperm, the practitioner will often suggest allowing time to prepare for an upcoming cycle. Such time spent in preparation pays dividends later on. Having helped prepare, the practitioner then takes the partner through each stage of the protocol with support before, during and after treatment. If such time for preparation is not always possible, support at any stage of an ART cycle is still hugely beneficial.

Celine Leonard has been associated with MFC since 2002. She has been in practice since 1987 and has specialised in gynaecology and in using CM to help those trying to conceive since the mid nineties. She completed a 2 year specialist course in TCM gynaecology in 2009. She not only practises CM but is also a lecturer to those practitioners who wish to learn how to use CM in ART clinic settings. She has her own clinic in Lower Pembroke St with her colleague Josephine Lynch and also holds a clinic in MFC on Wednesday evenings. Her contact details are as follows:

Second Floor, 33 Lr Pembroke Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 6114819